Chapter 10.2: The Search for the Meatlump King

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Chapter 10.2: The Search for the Meatlump King

Post  Q'in on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:19 am

Publish Notes, June 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Star Wars Galaxies!
  • The anniversary event begins on all servers during the day on June 26, 2008. Visit Theed, Naboo and Corellia, Coronet to join in the celebration.

Meatlump Theme Park :
  • Players can no longer receive more than one King Doll for finishing the Meatlump King Doll collection.
  • Players will now receive Tier 2 Collection credit for completing the Tier 1 doll collections.
  • Meatlump Graffiti decals have been added to Meatlump Vendor for 25 Lumps each.
  • The Corellia Times Vendor now sells the Safe Autodialer, Lock Breaker Augment, Decryption Toolset, Abatement Slice, Yeast Bolster, and Wire Cutters. These are tools that can assist the player in completing Meatlump Theme Park puzzles easier.
  • Meatlump junk loot (with the exception of caged pets) have been added to the reverse engineering system.

Game Play:
  • Stackable objects will now stack in furniture just like planet resources.
  • Player should no longer be able to use an old FS Village Focused Crystal when it is sitting in a player house or invalid container.
  • Exceptional Milking and Egg Finder ability buffs are no longer classified as food and should no longer be overwritten or overwrite food buffs.

Player Associations:
  • Player association members should no longer receive spam e-mails about voting for a new guild leader.

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