Creature Resource (Truffel Pig)

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Creature Resource (Truffel Pig)

Post  Q'in on Wed May 21, 2008 2:57 pm

Reward: Beast Knowledge: Forage

30 Pristine Hides (Faux Real collection // Reward: Bantha Skin Rug)
30 Fine Cuts of Meat (Prime Cuts collection // Reward: Meat Rack)
30 Reusable bones (Humerous Collectibles collection // Reward: Human Skeleton Replica)
30 Exceptional Milk (Exceptional Milk collection // Reward: Milking Ability)
30 Exceptional Egg's (Exceptional Egg collection // Reward: Egg Finding Ability)

My suggestion would be the following:

Go to Tatooine, Sarlacc POI and bring a Harvest Droid. Run around the POI in a range of about 300m, killing all non-nesting and hostile creatures (these you cannot milk, but you can still kill them for other resources and of course the egg's in their nest) you run into. When you run into a nest of either Eopie or Bantha, start gathering milk from the stationary creatures around it (be advised, you can't milk Bull Bantha's Cool ) and kill the creatures after milking them ... this should make your droid harvest whatever you set the interest to (meat, hide or bone), every once in a while you will get a collectible item. After you kill all the creatures, look in the nest for egg's and then destroy the nest and whatever creatures that may spawn.

Remember to switch the harvest interest for your droid, once you complete a specific collection (hide, meat or bone). You should be able to complete all 3 (hide, meat or bone) in the time you work on the milk. I am not sure about the egg's.

While doing these collections, you wil get lots of bone, hide, egg's, milk and meat. Please consider donating the hide and bone to Divik as he can use them for crafting. The milk, meat and egg's you can either donate to the guild (I'm not sure if we have any cheffs in the guild) or you can sell them on your vendor (if you have one).

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