Friday Feature Living with the Land

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Friday Feature Living with the Land

Post  Q'in on Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:02 pm

Along with the updates to Player Cities as discussed in the last Friday Feature , players will now have all new ways to decorate their cities to make them look even more beautiful, or bizarre, than before!

Exquisite Stone Gardens

A brand new decoration for players to use in their cities is two styles of an exquisite stone garden.

This garden is exclusive to Game Update 8 and is ready for use by all mayors.

If you are a Mayor looking to decorate your city with style, be sure to place one of these beautiful gardens in your city.

More City Decorations

Gardeners and Player City decorators will be happy to know that there will be several increases in your decorating abilities.

Game Update 8 will feature a 50% base increase of Civic Structures, which includes gardens. There will also be a 50% increase to City Decorations, which is different from gardens but is still receiving the equivalent increase.

Finally, there will be another increase for both Civic Structures and Decorations with Specializations, should you choose it. This increase will be 33%.

Also coming out in Game Update 8 are two brand new statues that can be selected by any Mayor, regardless of faction.

First let's take a look at the Rebel themed statue.

Not to be out done by the Rebels, the Empire also has it's own themed statue.

Remember, these statues do not require you to be a member of either faction to obtain them. If you're a Rebel and want the Imperial statue, go ahead and get it; just don't come to us when your Rebel friends abandon you.

Game Update 8

All of these brand new enhancements to player cities and more will be available in Game Update 8! Keep your eye on the official webpage and forums for more information as it becomes available.

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