Friday Feature We Built This City

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Friday Feature We Built This City

Post  Q'in on Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:22 pm

Mayors and citizens across the galaxy will be excited about the improvements made to player cities coming out in Update 8. With all new functionality and ease of use, there has never been a better time to be a Mayor or part of a player run city!

City Structure Report

A brand new user interface (UI) has been designed for City Structures. Before Game Update 8, cities that spanned across multiple game zones did not receive proper Structure Reports. Now, all City Structures will be shown in this brand new UI!

These Structure Reports also show their current location in the UI. If you select the Structure in the UI, a waypoint will then be created leading to that Structure.

Citizenship Report

The Citizenship Report has also been given a facelift in Game Update 8.

The Citizenship Report now shows the following information: Citizen Name, Citizen's Structure Style, Structure Location, Last Login/Current Location , Character Level, and Character Profession.

If you select a citizen in the new user interface, a waypoint will be created directing you to that citizen's structure.

Mayor Message of the Day

A brand new feature for Mayors in Game Update 8 is the ability to enter a Message of the Day for their citizens.

This message is a free-form message and can be entered into the City Record by accessing the City Management Terminal. Mayors will have the ability to customize their text color so their Mayoral Messages really stand out! Each time a citizen of the city logs in, they will receive the MOTD in their chat window.

Visitor Message of the Day

Along with the Mayor's new ability to display a message to all citizens of the city, Mayors now have the ability to set a message for visitors as well. This uses the same mechanic as the message for citizens, but is seen exclusively by visitors.

When a visitor enters the city's area of influence, the visitor will receive a message in their chat window. The Mayor can update this message via the City Management Terminal.

City Recycling Center

Every citizen has lots of junk they want to get rid of, that's why Mayors can now place a Recycling Center (Junk Dealer Terminal) in their city.

The terminal behaves much like a Junk Dealer and follows the same rules as other city terminals such as the Missions Terminal.

Other City Upgrades

These are just a few of the many player city upgrades being released with Game Update 8!

For the Mayors that hate to decorate, Game Update 8 will now allow you to add administration rights to your City Halls. This gives Mayors the opportunity to hire someone to do the decorating for them so they can focus on other city needs.

Player Commercial Structures have also received an upgrade. Cantinas, Hospitals, Merchant Tents, and Theaters will now be able to make use of the Storage Increase Deeds.

Be sure to keep your eye on the official Star Wars Galaxies website and forums for the latest updates on Player Cities and everything else found in Game Update 8!

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