RID's Fifth Anniversary

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RID's Fifth Anniversary

Post  Q'in on Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:42 pm

The Regal Imperial Defenders is hosting a Fifth year Anniversary event and HMI has been invited.

Name of Event: RID's Fifth Year Anniversary Celebration
Contact: Regal Imperial Defenders, Lexx Yovel / Hel'mut Yovel
Server: Starsider
6:30 PM Eastern - Gather @ Imperial Oasis, Tatooine
  • /way orange tatooine -5290 2690 \#FF00001.) Imperial Oasis (11/23/08)
7:00 PM Eastern - Speech @ Imperial Oasis

7:10 PM Eastern - Activities Begin @ Imperial Oasis & Fort Oasis
  • /way orange tatooine -4710 2444 \#FF00002.) Fort Oasis
10:00 PM Eastern - Event Conclusion, winners announced

Date & Time: Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 @ 6:30 PM Eastern

Description: We are proud to announce that the Regal Imperial Defenders will be turning five years old on November 23rd, 2008. All are invited to attend this momentous occassion! At 6:30 PM Eastern, participants may gather at the Imperial Oasis on Tatooine to enjoy live entertainment. At 7:00 PM Eastern, the Regal Imperial Defenders will march into the oasis, to deliver a short speech. Once the speech is completed, activities will commense both at the Imperial Oasis, and the nearby capital city of Fort Oasis.

A fishing tournament and free for all dueling event will take place at the Imperial Oasis, while live entertainment will be brought to the Fort Oasis cantina. There will also be fireworks, a lottery, a race track and other activities at Fort Oasis. Everyone is free to tour the city, its mall and other venues. Socialization is encouraged, and there will be plenty of room for people to play in card tournaments against one another. The event will be filmed and photographed by professionals, and summarized upon completion of the event.

There will of course be cake, drinks and other goods, sold by a wookie named Chew Chew, in the Fort Oasis cantina. Jawa Beer, the guild's official beverage, will be plentiful. There will also be a taxi service, specializing in the shuttling of people between Fort Oasis and the Imperial Oasis. There will be no shortage of things to do during our anniversary celebration, so do be sure to attend, and tell your friends too!
Activity Rules and Information:
  1. Fort Oasis Lottery: Want to win up to 100,000,000 credits? I sure would! Don't miss your chance to take part in the Fort Oasis Lottery! For more information, go HERE.
  2. Oasis Race Track: Think you have what it takes to brave the Oasis Race Track? Then grab your vehicle and give it a go! Whoever gets the best time by 10:00 PM Eastern on November 23rd, 2008, wins a package containing a: Trophy, Vehicle Repair Kit, and AT-RT. In addition to this, the winner will receive a respectable 1,000,000 credits.

  3. Tatooinian Fisherman: Ever tried fishing on Tatooine? I bet you didn't even know there was water on that planet. Whoever catches the largest fish by 10:00 PM Eastern on November 23rd, 2008, wins a Trophy and 3,000,000 credits! Keep in mind that the fish must be caught on Tatooine during the day of the celebration. Whenever you catch a fish, send me (Lexx Yovel) a mail with its length. If the next fish you catch is larger than any previous ones, you may continue sending me mails. By 10:00 PM Eastern, I will look through my mails to determine who caught the largest fish. I will then meet with the person to verify that fish is authentic, and give him or her the Trophy and 3,000,000 credits.
Other Activities:
  1. Free for All Dueling Event: During the course of our celebration, duels will be organized for entertainment value. These duels may range anywhere from one on one duels or team duels, and complete all against everyone free for all battles.
  2. Fireworks: Although fireworks will be launched sporadically during the celebration, there will still be a large firework show taking place at Fort Oasis.
  3. Trading Card Game: While there won't be any official tournaments held, participants are encouraged to get together and play a game of cards against other people. The Fort Oasis cantina or Fort Oasis Tavern are both great places to play.

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