Friday Feature – Secrets of Hoth

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Friday Feature – Secrets of Hoth

Post  Q'in on Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:06 pm

The battle of Echo Base wages around you, but something else has caught the attention of you and your allies. Is there something else lurking in the shadows of Echo Base? There's more to Hoth than just the skirmish between the Rebels and Imperials! Find out more about new collections that are part of the encounter, and a valley hidden from view… until now.

Cool Collections

Not only can you take part in one of the most famous battles of Star Wars, you can also complete special collections during the skirmish! When traversing through the north field and the base itself, you might notice a sharpshooter make a rare appearance. These Rebel and Imperial ranked officers stand out from the rest.

You might not always catch a glimpse of these strong combatants during the battle, but if you do, be sure to take them down for a new slayer collection.

Fighters in the battle with eagle eyes might also spot malfunctioning probe droids during the battle. Due to problems with its onboard system, the probots attack both Rebels and Imperials on sight. Dispatch the malfunctioning droid to begin an all-new slayer collection, and you can earn a probe droid holo-pet.

While keeping your eyes peeled for sharpshooters and probe droids, you might also spot clickable items on the frozen landscape. All-new clickable collections for unique home decorations are also found in the battle of Echo Base.

Wampa Valley

Hapless visitors to Echo Base may wander into a nondescript room in a small tunnel, only to come face to face with a fierce wampa!

Wampas have been known to stalk the caverns of the base, attacking tauntauns in the stables. Their entrance point, a small room off one of the main corridors, had been closed off but was uncovered during the battle.
As you and your friends slay the ferocious carnivore, you notice a small tunnel leading to an icy valley. Only the brave should venture outside into the snowy valley.

As you enter, keep your eyes peeled for a solitary figure hiding in a camp nearby. Professor Blainekie, a researcher investigating the wampas in the vicinity, requires your help with slaying the savage beasts.

Although wampas are normally solitary, the threat of the Rebel settlement has caused them to band together in a valley surrounded by rocks and ice. A number of wampas reside in this area, which is littered with the corpses of creatures who were unfortunate enough to wander into their lair.

The valley curves into a dead end, where a Rebel base lies abandoned in the ice. As you defeat all of the wampas in the valley, you hear a loud roar near the base. The most dangerous creature you and your friends will encounter in Wampa Valley appears: the brutal Unkajo!

Unkajo is a wampa that towers above the others, stronger and bigger than the other predators, and even more dangerous. Take this creature head on and you will be in for quite a fight.

With new collections and a fight against one of the most vicious creatures in Star Wars, in addition to all of the other action in Echo Base, Chapter 11: The Battle of Echo Base offers an experience unlike any other in Star Wars Galaxies.

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