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Star Wars The Old Republic

Post  Woobe on Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:56 am

here are a few quotes from an interview:

Are you guys doing anything with player-driven environments, player towns, anything like that?

Rich: We're looking into things like that, but we can't talk about it. Warhammer has been doing a lot of nifty things with Keeps along those lines. They're part of EA and we can talk to them about their experiences. We're allowed to look at all the stuff they've done with that.

What kind of space-based aspect will there be in the game?

Rich Vogel, Co-GM BioWare Austin: We can say that we'll have many different worlds for you to explore, and that you'll have a method you can use to travel from world to world. Again, we can't go into details on other space elements. That isn't something we can talk about at this point.

We also can't talk about ground vehicles. But, obviously, Star Wars has a lot of vehicles. So ... it's definitely something that is on our plate.

I am not sure if this means they have not started working on space yet or what but i sure hope it is in the game



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